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2020 Annual Giving Project a Success for Hammond-Henry Hospital Foundation

January 29, 2021


The Hammond-Henry Hospital Foundation would like to thank the donors from Geneseo and the surrounding communities that made the 2020 Giving Project a huge success.  The goal for the campaign was $35,000.  An amazing total of over $65,000 was raised to purchase CAPR helmets, monitors and temperature scanners.  The additional funds will be reserved for other COVID needs as they arise.

The temperature scanners, as pictured, have arrived and are in use at both the north and east entrances of the hospital.  Visitors and patients of the hospital can walk up to the self-temperature taking scanner, receive a temperature reading and head to their destination within the hospital.  Screening questions continue to be asked of the visitors and patients as well.  The temperature scanners can also detect mask wearing compliance.  This addition to the fight against COVID-19 promotes staff safety.

The CAPR helmets, as pictured, have arrived at the hospital and are in use.  These helmets utilize a filtered air-blower that delivers clean breathing air for the wearer and provide hospital front-line workers with enhanced protection and comfort.  The helmets also improve communication between staff and patients, as the entire face of the staff member is visible. 

Finally, we have purchased two monitors for acute care on the medical surgical floor.  These monitors provide nursing staff with pertinent patient vitals including blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels.