Emergency Department Renovation

Hammond-Henry Hospital has embarked on a renovation of the Emergency Department.  These exciting improvements have begun and you may have a few questions.  During this remodel, you will see changes not only to the Emergency Department but also to the admitting area as well.  Using the existing footprint of these two areas, the new improvements will enhance both patient and staff safety.

What do you need to know?

  • If you come in to register for labs, surgery, imaging, etc.  You may be redirected toward the lab area for registration.  As construction continues, these spaces may become unavailable for safety reasons.  There will be plenty of help to direct you with signs and volunteers.
  • If you need emergency care please continue to enter through the normal Emergency Entrance until this portion is closed for construction. 


The completed renovation will have: 

  • New Walk-In Entry
    • Accessed from Main Entry (North)
    • Separate ambulance entrance
  • Improved Emergency Reception 
  • Improved Nurses Station
    • Line-of-sight to all exam rooms
  • Updated Exam Rooms
    • Enhanced privacy
  • Multi-Use Safe Room
  • Updated Trauma Room
  • Improved Decontamination Space

Want to see our progress?