Medication Administration for Observation Patients

What is outpatient status?

Based on pre-determined insurance guidelines for admission, your hospital stay may be considered observation status. Observation status is considered an outpatient service and is billed under Part B for patients with Medicare. If you are placed in observation status, you will be notified upon arrival to your room. Typically, patients will spend 2 nights or less in the hospital when in observation status.

Many insurances pay for your observation stay. However, your insurance may not pay for all of the medications you receive. Those medicines that you normally take at home may not be paid for by Medicare or insurance while in an outpatient or observation level of care. 

What medications will I receive?

Your provider will only order medications that are medically necessary to provide you with the best possible care. This may include medications you take at home as well as medications to treat the illness you are in the hospital for. Hammond-Henry Hospital has chosen the most appropriate medications for the most reasonable price. 

What if I get a bill for medications that aren’t covered by Part B?

If you are you currently enrolled in a Part D Prescription Drug Plan, Hammond-Henry Hospital can provide you with an itemized statement that includes the drug information your plan may require in order to process a claim for possible reimbursement. You will need to contact your insurance company directly for assistance in filing a claim for the Part D/pharmacy benefit. Hammond-Henry’s Patient Accounts is available to answer any of your questions regarding your hospital bill. For a copy of your itemized statement, please call our Patient Accounts department at (309) 944-9123 or (888) 343-4168.

Visit ( for more information on how to get enrolled in prescription drug coverage.