Sports Medicine

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as competing in a sport that you love.  At the Hammond-Henry Rehab Department, we want to keep you competing at your best level. 

Athletic Training Outreach Services:

As an athlete, you are aware of how important your physical health is to your game.  Prevention is your best defense against an injury.  The Hammond-Henry Rehab Department team has a game plan for you and your team with our Outreach Athletic Training Services.  We offer:

  • Injury screens
  • Basic home exercise programs
  • Referrals to other allied healthcare providers

We are not only there for you before and after the game, but we are on the sidelines too with our Sports Medicine Coverage.  An athletic trainer or physical therapist is on hand at every moment of the game to ensure quick attention to any game day injuries.

The Hammond-Henry Rehab Department is PROUD to serve Geneseo High School, Annawan High School, Annawan/Wethersfield Coop, and Erie/Prophetstown Coop.

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Free Athletic Injury Screens:

No one wants to be out of the game because of an injury, but the best chance at getting back in is quick attention to care and healing.  At the Hammond-Henry Rehab Department, you can receive a complimentary screening for any orthopedic injury or condition from a physical or occupational therapist, regardless of age. All screens are scheduled within the next business day.  Please call 944-9150 to schedule your complimentary screening.

Concussion Program:

There’s no question about it, concussions are a serious matter.  The Hammond-Henry Rehab Department is on your side to help educate and treat athletes suffering from concussions. 

We want to be there for you even before a concussion occurs.  We offer baseline ImPact testing before the season starts. The information gained during this testing helps establish a cognitive baseline.  Then, in the event an athlete sustains a concussion, information will be available to assess the level of injury. Baseline testing is available via outreach or by appointment in rehab services.

In the event a student-athlete receives a concussion, Matt Kelly, an ImPact Trained Physical Therapist, manages the treatment and rehabilitation of all the concussed student-athletes. This includes, but is not limited to, post-event ImPact testing, cognitive, and vestibular therapies.

Sports Medicine Rehabilitation:

The Hammond-Henry Rehab Department has assembled a team that specifically focuses on sports medicine.   This team includes therapists from different disciplines, as well as sport certified specialists. These therapists aggressively focus on sport-specific, dynamic exercises that will help athletes not only recover from injury but also perform at a high level in his/her sport.  We’ll help you score that goal, make that basket and cross that finish line once again. 

Personal Trainers at the Geneseo Community Center:

Hammond-Henry Rehab is excited to announce our new partner in community wellness... Geneseo Park District!

Let the trainers from Hammond-Henry Rehab Department be your partners in fitness, to redefine yourself and make a long-term change. Your trainer will instruct you on proper techniques during your well-balanced workout, and at the same time, motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

Why hire a personal trainer?

  • You want a personalized workout that will be both challenging and time-efficient based on your individual fitness goals.
  • You are posting rehab or have other medical conditions that may need specialized attention.
  • You want a personal health/lifestyle educator that will provide you with fitness testing and improvement tracking throughout your program.
  • You need someone to motivate you as well as give you proper progression stages, while at the same time making your exercise program challenging and fun.
  • Your current program is not providing you with results and you need some exercise variety.
  • You are training for a specific event and want to enhance your performance specificity of training.

For class information and cost please visit the Geneseo Park District.