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DAISY Award finds a home at Hammond-Henry Hospital

When you are visited by a nurse in the hospital, long-term care or even at home, you are meeting the best that Hammond-Henry has to offer.  We know our nurses don’t go above and beyond to get an award, but we would like to honor them just the same. Hammond-Henry Hospital has adopted the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses to give a voice to our patients and their families. DAISY is an acronym for Disease Attacking the Immune SYstem. If you had a note-worthy experience with one of our nurses, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to nominate your nurse for the DAISY Award. The DAISY Award program has been made possible through the Hammond-Henry Hospital Foundation.


Hammond-Henry Hospital DAISY Award Honoree Angie Bodine, RN        
Angie Bodine, R.N. is the current DAISY award winner.        



Past Winners:

Hammond-Henry Hospital DAISY Award Winner Katy Loibl   Congrats Meghanne DAISY Award Honoree   Congrats Nicole, DAISY Award Honoree
Congrats Heath, Daisy Award Honoree   Congrats Brianna, Daisy Award Honoree    

What is the DAISY Award?

The not-for-profit DAISY Foundation is based in Glen Ellen, CA, and was established by family members in memory of J. Patrick Barnes.  Patrick died at the age of 33 in late 1999 from complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), a little known but not uncommon auto-immune disease.  The care Patrick and his family received from nurses while he was ill inspired this unique means of thanking nurses for making a profound difference in the lives of their patients and patient families.   

Each DAISY nominee will receive a pin.  Selected by a committee, two nurses will receive the DAISY Award each year at a ceremony in his/her unit and will receive: a beautiful certificate, a DAISY Award pin, and a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled A Healer’s Touch.  Additionally, everyone in the unit will celebrate with cinnamon rolls – a favorite of Patrick’s during his illness.  The Barnes Family asks that whenever nurses smell the wonderful cinnamon aroma, they stop for a moment and think about how special they are.

A little about Hammond-Henry Nursing Departments:

Emergency Nursing

Our emergency department is staffed 24-hours a day with an emergency physician and nurses certified in advanced trauma and cardiac care. Our nurses are there with you every step of the way.  Patients are given a thorough assessment, treatment utilizing the latest technology and careful explanation of their conditions. Where needed, a smooth transition can be provided to our acute care nursing units. In the rare event that a patient's condition requires a transfer to another facility for more specialized care, our nurses help the patient and family through the transfer. 

Home Health Nursing

Our home health staff brings professional healthcare services into your home while you recover after a hospital stay as an alternative to hospitalization during an illness. Working under the direction of your provider, our nurses provide a broad range of services. These services including wound care, IV infusion therapy, and telehealth monitoring, all with 24-hour on-call.  You can enjoy the comfort and independence of remaining at home.

Long-Term Care Nursing

Our long-term care unit offers 24-hour nursing care for patients who are unable to remain at home or unable to return home after a skilled stay. Residents in long-term care may need help with medications, eating, bathing and dressing or may require other more extensive care. We have a special concern for the disabilities of the aging.

Skilled Care Nursing

Our skilled care unit specializes in restorative nursing and rehabilitation for patients whose goal is to return home. Typically, patients on the unit require skilled care after hip or knee replacement, following a stroke, or due to a generalized weakness from pneumonia or other illnesses.

Medical-Surgical / Critical Care Nursing

Our medical-surgical department and critical care unit utilizes a healing atmosphere. Our nursing staff provides compassionate and expert care when you or a loved one suffers from an acute illness or injury or requires a surgical procedure. Our staff is experienced in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. We are committed to continually upgrading our knowledge and skills and to exceeding your expectations for hospital care.

Surgery Center Nursing

Hammond-Henry's surgical department pride itself on the personal care we offer each patient, as well as their families and/or friends. The surgery center offers all private rooms to ensure complete privacy. Our experienced and highly trained staff is committed to providing quality care.

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