COVID Screening

COVID-19 Testing - OPEN to All at All Locations

  • Patients with symptoms: walk-in care available at Colona or by appointment at Annawan, Cambridge, Geneseo, Kewanee, Orion and Port Byron
  • Testing for asymptomatic patients and exposure testing available by calling the hotline at 309.944.1275
  • Hotline call center available to help you get the care you need, where and when you need it
  • Antigen tests provide quick results

HOTLINE 309.944.1275

Experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, flu, cold, etc? Call your provider or visit your nearest Urgent Care / Walk-in Clinic.

Not sure if you've been exposed? Asymptomatic? Want to venture out to visit a relative? Needing to safeguard those around you? Call the Hotline for next steps and testing location details.

Hammond-Henry Hospital and Clinics are ready to serve you.


Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (Cares/H.R. 748)


a) Reimbursement Rates. - A group health plan or a health insurance issuer providing coverage of items and services described in section 201(a) with respect to an enrollee shall reimburse the provider of the diagnostic testing as follows:

               (1) If the health plan or issuer has a negotiated rate for such service with such provider, such negotiated rate shall apply.

               (2) If the health plan or issuer does not have a negotiated rate for such service with such provider, such plan or issuer shall reimburse the provider in an amount that equals the cash price for such service as listed by the provider on a public internet website. 


(1) IN GENERAL.—During the emergency period declared under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 247d), each provider of a diagnostic test for COVID–19 shall make public the cash price for such test on a public internet website of such provider. Hammond-Henry Hospital’s cash price is $105, due to a price increase from LabCorp.  

(2) CIVIL MONETARY PENALTIES.—The Secretary of Health and Human Services may impose a civil monetary penalty on any provider of a diagnostic test for COVID–19 that is not in compliance with paragraph (1) and has not completed a corrective action plan to comply with the requirements of such paragraph, in an amount not to exceed $300 per day that the violation is ongoing.

Insurance will be billed for both diagnostic testing and respiratory clinic visit.