Imagine a life without pain...

Hammond-Henry Pain Clinic

If you have ever experienced chronic pain, you know that it can change you as a person. You may not want to do the things you once loved or your personality may have changed. Pain is a powerful thing. When you have to travel far from home to seek help for pain management, that just adds more frustration to the process. Hammond-Henry Hospital now offers pain management, right in Geneseo. 

What can I do for my chronic pain?

There are many philosophies of care for chronic pain. As a patient at the Hammond-Henry Pain Clinic, you will be given a comprehensive evaluation. A management plan will be developed by Rich Maynard, C.R.N.A. with an assortment of interventional pain procedures including image-guided musculoskeletal and spine injections. You will experience a multi-modal approach to chronic pain management including, but not limited to:

  • Medications
  • Injections
  • Physical therapy

How do I make an appointment for pain management?

Consulting your Primary Care Provider is your first step in addressing your pain. If your provider deems it necessary, you will then be referred for pain management.  Appointments for care at the Hammond-Henry Pain Clinic are scheduled on Fridays (twice a month). For more information, contact (309) 944-9178.

Meet Richard Maynard, C.R.N.A., F.A.I.P.M.

Richard Maynard, C.R.N.A. headshotRichard Maynard, C.R.N.A. has over 20 years’ experience in providing anesthesia and pain management and has been with Riverbend Anesthesia and Pain Management Services since 2003. He resides in Muscatine, Iowa and is board certified in Non-Surgical Pain Management (Chronic Pain) by the National Board on Certification of Registered Nurse Anesthetists. He recently completed an accredited advanced pain fellowship for nurse anesthetists at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Rich is a credentialed Fellow of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management (F.A.I.P.M.).  




Disclaimer:  Provider is an independent, non-employed contractor with privileges to provide care to patients at Hammond-Henry Hospital.