Strength & Conditioning

The Summit- A Performance Enhancement ProgramAre you looking to improve your physical strength and/or endurance? Want to compete at the peak of your abilities?  The Summit offered by Hammond-Henry Rehab Department has a variety of ways to up your game and improve your fitness. 

Individual Summit:

The Individual Summit is designed specifically for those athletes wanting to train on a strict one-on-one basis. Each participant will receive a 3DMAPS movement screen to help identify areas of success and improvement. Each session will consist of Tri-Planer warm-up, speed, agility, plyometrics, strength, and recovery work.

Team Summit:

This Summit focuses on a large group of participants training as part of the same sports team. Team Summit is our most popular Summit. Team Summit focuses on all facets of sports performance specific to that sport performed in a 3D environment.

Adult Summit:

This Summit focuses on adult athletes and their specific needs. This functional training program meets three days a week and targets Tri-Planer strength, flexibility, injury prevention, cardiovascular fitness, and overall general conditioning in a group setting.

Post-therapy Summit:

Post-therapy Summit is specifically tailored to athletes that have recently completed a long-term stint in physical or occupational therapy. This program focuses on bridging the gap between therapy and gameplay to reduce the likelihood of re-injury. 

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