Hammond Henry Hospital
Respiratory Symptom Screening Clinic

Respiratory Symptom Screening

Drive-Thru Clinic

600 N. College Ave., Geneseo, IL

Located at the hospital's emergency entrance ambulance bay  

HOURS Monday - Friday 7 am – 7 pm and Saturday 8 am – 2 pm.

PHONE 309-944-9198

The Respiratory Symptom Screening Drive-Thru Clinic is now open at 600 N. College Ave. Hours are 7 am - 7 pm Monday - Friday, and 8 am - 2 pm Saturday.  Individuals who have been referred to the Drive-Thru Clinic by their health care provider or by calling the hotline should enter at the Hammond-Henry Hospital main entrance on College Avenue, proceed toward the ambulance bay, and follow the cones. The temporary Drive-Thru Clinic will help screen, evaluate and treat respiratory symptoms while limiting local transmission of infectious illnesses, including influenza, COVID-19, and other illnesses, providing a safer alternative to the Emergency Department, Urgent Care / Walk-in Clinics, and physician offices. 

How to Know if You Should Use the Drive-Thru Clinic

  • If you are not ill, you do not need any testing. Simply continue to follow the Social Isolation procedures currently in effect.
  • If you are ill, contact your physician/health care provider and answer a few simple eligibility questions. Then, if so advised, call the Hotline at 309-944-9198 to provide registration information before coming to the Drive-Thru Clinic.
  • If you are ill, do not have a primary physician/health care provider, or cannot reach your provider, you may call the Hotline at 309-944-9198 to answer the eligibility questions and complete the registration information.
  • In any event, you will not be screened without completing the eligibility/registration process.
  • If you do not meet the eligibility guidelines for COVID-19 screening, you may still visit your health care provider or any of the Hammond-Henry Urgent Care clinics for evaluation and treatment of your current illness.

Required Steps to Access the Respiratory Symptom Screening Drive-Thru Clinic

  • The first step - call the hotline. You will be asked a few simple questions and directed on what to do. If you are advised to visit the Respiratory Symptom Screening Clinic for further testing, you will be provided an authorization number.
  • Enter Hammond-Henry Hospital and enter the parking lot at the main entrance off of College Avenue, (nearest the digital signage.) Follow the cones.
  • Stay in your vehicle.
  • Have your identification ready.
  • When the health care staff are ready for you, crack your vehicle window to speak with them
  • The health care staff will administer the appropriate test through the vehicle window
  • Your test will be taken to the hospital lab for results
  • Test results and the next steps will be provided as soon as they are available

The clinic will evaluate and treat cold, flu and other respiratory symptoms including: 

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Nasal congestion
  • Chest congestion

The purpose is to limit local transmission of infectious diseases, including possible COVID-19 transmissions, by providing a screening alternative to the Hammond-Henry Emergency Department, Urgent Care / Walk-in Clinics, and physician offices. People who are experiencing respiratory symptoms, but are unsure whether they are suffering from the flu or other illness, can be evaluated at the Respiratory Symptom Screening Drive-Thru Clinic.

  • Providers will wear appropriate personal protective gear
  • Drive-thru service with an immediate diagnosis of influenza A and B, and strep throat. and other patients. Please call ahead to alert providers of your needs.


Please note that this clinic will not automatically provide COVID-19 testing upon request. The Centers for Disease Control advise doctors to use their best judgment when it comes to determining if someone should be tested for COVID-19. In Illinois, we have limited test kits available, and we might not see that you meet the criteria to be tested. We want to ensure that our most vulnerable people – especially older adults who are at greatest risk for serious complications and death – are tested first. Please be aware that even if you are tested for COVID-19, you will not receive results for several days.

Remember: Testing for COVID-19 is not a medical emergency. If you have reason to believe you might have the virus and are not experiencing difficulty breathing, please CALL FIRST: 309-944-9198

Insurance Will Be Billed