Love Light Memory Christmas Tree

love light christmas tree logoHammond-Henry Hospital Auxiliary's Love Light Tree Project can be a unique way for you to honor or remember someone special in your life who has helped "light" up your life with "love".

Donations raised from this year’s project will be used for the purchase of two electric wheelchairs - one for each HHH entrance. 

Contributions may be made by check, cash or online contribution. Click here for donation form.

All contributions will provide a light on the Love Light Tree located at the southwest corner of Hammond-Henry Hospital.

Contributions up to $20 will receive an acknowledgment card

Contributions of $20-$99 will receive a card and a dated ornament

Contributions $100 and above will receive a card, dated ornament and a special light in the red heart at the top of the Love Light Tree.

Please stop by the hospital this Christmas season to view our Lovelight Tree at the Southwest corner of the hospital. All donor names and names of those remembered and honored will be listed at the hospital main and east entrances from December 9, 2020 to January 8, 2021.

This year we remember...

Heart Donors (Donations of $100 or more)

Donor                                                                 In Memory Of


Loved ones

Dave & Chris Ahlstrand

In Honor of Loved Ones

Greg Bodeen and Jeff, Stephanie &

Judy Bodeen



Bryce & Cheryl Chamberlain

Bernard & Evelyn Chamberlain and Jim & Marjorie Gustafson

Norma J. Daniels

Dr. Robert W. Daniels

Dr. Tom & Becky Daniels

Dr. Robert Daniels and In Honor of Mrs. Robert Daniels

Faith DeDecker

Hayden & Brian DeDecker

Connie DeMaranville

Kendall DeMaranville and Roy & Nina Maranville

Connie DeMaranville

Oscar & Mary Pletsch, Colleen Wassenhove & Larry & Liz VanLanduit

Connie DeMaranville

Barry & Diane DeJarnatt, Florence Hendrickson, & Yvonne Sammons

Denny & Lynn DeSplinter

Lawrence & Lorraine DeSplinter and Don Sturtewagen

Gary & Christine Erickson

In Honor of HHH Lab & Radiology Departments

Rachelle Fitschen

Florence Palmer

Don Ford

In Honor of Maureen Ford

Chris & Carolyn  Gillet

Robert & Moneta Ford, John Gillet and Robert Gillet

Shirley Gillet

Robert and John Gillet

Elizabeth Gradert

Wilbur Gradert

Mary Hendrickson

Jim & Florence Hendrickson

Jeff & Karen Hutchinson

Jesse Ray Hutchinson

Bonnie & Larry Johnsen

Robin Reade

Ed & Diane Mayhew

Our deceased parents

Ken & Carol Neuwohner

Our son, Steve Neuwohner

Gary Niedt

Violet Niedt

Lyn & Connie Paris

In Honor of Lorraine Phleger

Cheri Powell

Kenny and Tim Powell

Linda R. Pray

Roger M. Pray

Linda R. Pray

Ryder Schnowske

Linda Roman

Dale Roman, Lois & Bob Horberg and In Honor of Kurt Horberg

Bob & Jan Sellman

LaVerne Sellman and Norm & Ellinore Erickson

Shaw Family

Donald & Verna Shaw

Judith Stenzel

Royce & Sharon Stenzel

Gladys Swanson

Leroy Swanson and Mary Fuelling

Vandemore Family

Joel Robert Vandemore

Eugene & Marilyn VandeVoorde

In Honor of all COVID Health Care Workers

Dick & Sharon VanKerrebroeck

Clyde & Josephine Salzmann and Gilbert VanKerrebroeck

Ron & Marvel VanVooren

Jake & Dorothy VanVooren and Everett & Verneil Knowles

Dixie Wirth

Jack Wirth

Bill & Jane Wyffels

In Honor of our Health Care Workers

Other Donations

Donors                                                                                 In Memory Of                                                                            

Bonnie Adams

Steve Adams

Wendell & Helen Akers

Our parents, Dwight & Ada Akers and Arthur & Agnes Rauch

Maurice & Julie Atwell

Kelly Holevoet

Clarke & Gayle Barnes

Loved ones

Jim & Shelly Bartoluzzi

Bernard Francque

Vic & Sharon Bianchetta

Elaine Dengler, Caesar & Betty Bianchetta, Jacob &


   Aiden Bianchetta

Gene & Pat Bolda

Patti Kastor

Steve & Mary Bostwick

Richard Coulter and James Coulter

Boyer Family

Betty, Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandma

Doug & Connie Brock

John Daniel Brock

Bev Carius

Jack Carius

Melvin Casanova

Betty Casanova

Connie Chrisop

In Honor of Jeanette DePauw

Connie Chrisop & Joy Noard

Guido Melone

Janet Corsaro

Clyde R. & Katheryn L. and C. Raymond Stafford

Norma Day

In Honor of my family, Greg Day  and Susan Swain

Paul & Cynthia DeBruine

Emil & Margaret Klingler

Jerry & Judy Deutsch

All First Responders

Denny & Carol Diericx

John & Elaine VanHyfte

Denny & Carol Diericx

Carol J. Noard

Carol Diericx, Tara Clark, Ty Noard

Keith Noard

Jerold & Vivian Downing

Kevin Casteel

Michael & Janice Durick

Our loving parents

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Paula Griffin

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Bob & Joan Johnson

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Chad Ristau

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Joel Vandemore

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Cindy Newton

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Virginia Humbert

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Bob Reade

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Mary Collopy

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Ed Deener

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Shirley Dahl

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Roger Stancliff

Steve & Sue Emmerson

Bob Arnold

Bill & Marcia Fleming

Wayne & Ruth Palmgren and Henry & Effie Fleming

Follett Family - Julie, Kathy, John,

Jean Follett Newman & H. Keith Follett

  Kelley & families


Dave & Sharon Frank

Roger Frank

Dave & Sharon Frank

Marilyn Lehan

M. E. Fristensky

G. & E. Fristensky

Bernadine Gardner

Mack E. Gardner

Jim & Becky Geuns

Jillian Geuns-Hege

Joe & Mary Lou Goebert

In Honor of our grandchildren - Emily, Hayley, Hannah & Eric

Eric & Sue Gray

Dick Kintigh

Eric & Sue Gray

Joel Vandemore

Eric & Sue Gray

Marilyn Collopy

Paul & Sheila Guse

Don & Gerry Frew

Glen & Mary Gustafson

Olly & Margaret Vandemore

Joy Hanna


Brian & Martha Herron

Sylvia Herron and Harold Palmer

Marcia Himmelman & family

Keith Himmelman

Deb Hodgett

Gary Hodgett

Evelyn M. Hopkins

Loved ones

Kurt & Deb Horberg

In Honor of the dedicated & hardworking staff in Long Term Care

Patsy Hudgins

Rodney Hudgins

Patsy Hudgins

Joan & Dean Miller

Lorrie Jurgensen

Berdie Dean

Betty & Dathan Kerber

Loved ones

Mary Kintigh

Dick Kintigh

Mark & Judy Kuhn

Julian Kuhn, Robert Shellhamer and Howard Oaks

Ray & Julie Lake

Maisey & Albert Lake

Mary L. Larson

Richard D. Larson

Janet & Jim Larson

Tom, Margaret, & Gregg Dhamers

Linda L. Lievens

Russell Brown and Bob & Betty Lievens

Marjorie Martin

Gene Martin

Marjorie Martin

Alice Lopez

Marjorie Martin

Marjorie Verstraete

Kathy Martins & Family

Dan Martins

Patti McNaught & family

Richard McNaught

  (Meredith & Robin)


Dean & Norma Meier

Brett James Meier

Roger & Mary Miller

Loved ones

Deloris A. Miller

Doyle H. Miller

Vera Minati

Family and friends

Kim Moffitt

In Honor of Alice Walker

Richard C. Nowers

Helen L. Nowers

Madeline Nutt

Irvin Nutt

Mary Anne Peterson

Missy Peterson

Linda R. Pray

In Honor of Joyce Lindbeck

Linda R. Pray

In Honor of Don Mungerson

Linda R. Pray

In Honor of Terry Reed

Linda R. Pray

In Honor of Bonnie Talbott

Linda R. Pray

David Pearson

Linda R. Pray

Jim Winkleman

Jo Reade

Jim Wachtel

Jo Reade

Donald & Winnie Stocks

Jo Reade

Roy Jo Klavine

Jo Reade

Bernadette Meade

Jim & Gayle Rein

Marjorie & Barbara

Dolores Riekena

Don Riekena

Larry & Julie Riney

Busenbark and Riney families

Rex & Sandy Rogers

Albert & Margery Hudders

Barbara Schlotfeldt

In memory of my dear parents

Jim Schneider

Karen Schneider

Barbara Schroeder

Harry Schroeder and Loved ones

Ellen Scranton

Marvin Scranton

Ellen Scranton

Garrity and Scranton Families

Jim & Pat Sorenson

Loved ones

Diane State

John State

Judith Stenzel

In Honor of Dr. Drew VanKerrebroeck

Judith Stenzel

In Honor of Ione Bachman

Judith Stenzel

In Honor of Dr. Calvin Atwell

Gary & Mary  Lou Stojek

Corinda Bristol

Dave & Nancy Stover

Kline & Viola Stover, John Williams and In Honor of Fern Williams

Mike & Deb Taylor

Bettie Schaefer & Patrick Schaefer

Mike & Deb Taylor

John & Mildred Taylor and Patrick Taylor

Lucille Urick

Dean Urick

Mary Ann Vandersnick

Don Vandersnick

Laura VanLaningham

Lylah & Forrest Holstrom

Donna Vermeire

Francis Vermeire

Janet Verplaetse

Loved ones

VFW Auxiliary #5083

Departed sisters

Dorothy Ward

Eddie and Russell Ward

Neil Wehrspann

Diane Wehrspann

Jim & Mil Weisser

In Honor of all Weisser families

Bruce & Julie West

In Honor of Al & Phyllis Hepner and Bill & Arlene West

Julie West

In Honor of Naomi Crow - retirement

Joe & Becky Wyffels

Mark E. Wyffels

Gloria Yates

Yvonne Sammons

Julie Zwica

Tom Zwica

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