How Can I Help?

Donations of bottled water are now being accepted. 

HHH has had a number of requests to sew masks. At this time we have a sufficient supply, however, we are wanting to be prepared for possible future needs. While sewn masks do not prevent COVID-19 they may prevent the spread of germs and will be used to protect patients and staff.  Some may be used in conjunction with the N95 masks to extend their use.

There are several pattern designs available online.  Here are links to a couple of ideas: or  We will accept those with elastic or with ties.  They will be laundered/sterilized before giving them to staff or patients. Feel free to share this email request with others that are looking to help.  If you want to sew but need fabric, contact Julie West.

The video below demonstrates a  pattern that does not require elastic and is used in conjunction with a mask.

To make arrangements for drop off masks or water, please contact one of the following for assistance:

Darcy Hepner, HHH Foundation Manager

Julie West, Volunteer/Auxiliary Manager

Katie Orwig, HHH Foundation

Thank you for your help and support through these challenging times.