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Incontinence Program

People of all ages can experience urinary incontinence, with approximately 17 million adult Americans affected. Many who are affected by incontinence believe it is an inevitable aspects of aging and will endure their symptoms in silence. However, loss of bladder control is common and can be treated thru pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Our specially trained, skilled therapists are able to assist patients diagnosed with stress, urge, and mixed incontinence with the Beyond Kegels Incontinence Treatment Program. This program is appropriate for patients who have undergone alternative conservative measures as well as surgery to manage or correct their symptoms. Upon physician referral to therapy, treatment includes evaluation of symptoms, and may include any combination of the following: EMG biofeedback, pelvic floor rehabilitation, therapeutic exercise, bladder retaining, physiological quieting, and lifestyle factors influencing continence.

Symptoms commonly associated with urinary incontinence include:

    • Uncontrollable urge to urinate
    • Leakage with coughing, laughing, sneezing, running, lifting, change in position, or stress to the abdomen
    • Overactive bladder
    • Functional incontinence
    • Urgency and Frequency
    • Nocturia

Occupational and Physical Therapy treatment includes:

    • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
    • Biofeedback
    • Bladder Retraining
    • Therapeutic Exercise
    • Individualized Home Program

Patient education is crucial in reducing incontinent episodes, thru home exercise program instruction and weekly therapy sessions.

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