Hammond-Henry Hospital

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

The Women's Health Rehabilitation Program at Hammond-Henry Hospital is committed to helping women who are experiencing changes in their lives as a result of urinary incontinence/bladder conditions, post-masectomy conditions following breast cancer treatment, and lymphedema management. Our caring, professionally trained staff of women is devoted in addressing musculoskeletal concerns and unique health care need specific to women.

    • Lumpectomy with reconstruction
    • Mastectomy with no reconstruction
    • Mastectomy with any stage of reconstruction, including tissue expanders, implants, and autologus reconstruction (TRAM or LAT Flap) 

Treatment of breast cancer can result in difficulty resuming daily activities, recreational interests, and job-related activities. Our rehabilitation strategies are designed to help women enhance their ability to function and improve their quality of life. These strategies are designed to:

    • Promote progress of post-surgery healing 
    • Alleviate pain and swelling after surgery
    • Assist in preventing formation of scar tissue and soft tissue restrictions
    • Increase upper extremity range of motion, strength, flexibility and mobility post-surgery
    • Assist in postural training to restore upright positioning
    • Restore or increase physical stamina after surgery and treatment
    • Assist in preventing lymphedema by promoting drainage of lymphatic fluids
    • Restore difficulties performing daily activities such as reaching into cupboards, managing bra fasteners behind back, or lifting laundry basket/groceries, etc.

Resuming daily lifestyle activities is encouraged following safe guidelines for a post-surgery exercise protocol.

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