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HealthAware: Know Your Risk

What would you do if we told you that in a matter of minutes you may be able to save your life? Health concerns come about from both genetic and lifestyle choices and understanding where your personal risks lie may make the difference between life and death.

Hammond-Henry Hospital and UnityPoint Health Trinity have partnered to bring the HealthAware risk assessment program to Henry County and surrounding areas.  We offer a variety of online health assessments so that you can learn what the risks are, and in many cases, we offer additional testing or screenings for free or at discounted prices to further isolate your health concerns. Take the assessment, get screened, know your risk of heart disease and other conditions, and live your life. It’s as easy as that.

The HeartAware program is a free, seven-minute online questionnaire.  After completing the assessment, each participant is given an immediate, personalized score that indicates their overall risk of developing cardiovascular disease as well as ways to reduce that risk.  All information is confidential.

If the individual’s scores meet certain clinical criteria for being at high risk for heart disease, they are given a free cholesterol screening.  They also are then eligible for a free 30-minute consultation with a nurse who checks blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, family health history and body mass index score.  If a person is found to be at risk, the nurse will give the patient a report to give to their primary care physician to further follow their condition. 


Half who die of heart disease won't even know they were at risk. 90 percent of first time heart attacks can be prevented new studies show. The best way to reduce risk is awareness. Take our free assessment and if you are at risk you'll receive a free cholesterol screening and consultation.

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Whether you’re slightly overweight or believe that you may be severely or morbidly obese, this assessment will help you consider all options, from surgical weight loss to lifestyle counseling.

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This questionnaire focuses on risk factors including obesity, manual labor, arthritis and joint pain.

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Nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and the disease is becoming more prevalent in males too. Proper screening is our best weapon in fighting this disease.

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The risk of colorectal cancer rises considerably after age 50 in both men and women. This assessment will evaluate your risk.

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Eight million Americans have Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). A common problem is that most people mistake the symptoms of PAD for something else, and PAD often goes underdiagnosed by healthcare professionals. People with PAD are at higher risk for heart attacks and stroke, and left untreated can lead to gangrene and amputation.

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Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. and the leading cause of serious, long-term, adult disability. Each year, over 700,000 people have a stroke; 75% of these are first attacks. Knowing the warning signs and acting quickly is the best defenses against stroke.

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Diabetes is the fastest growing risk factor for heart disease. The number of people is equal to 7% of the American population. More concerning is that one-third of diabetics are unaware they have the disease -- a disease which leads to cardiac conditions, stroke, blindness, loss of limb, and impotence for men. The good news is that diabetes is controllable and preventable.

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More than 18 million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea! The majority remain undiagnosed and untreated, leading to serious disorders and furthering existing health

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Through an evaluation of current lifestyle factors and pain areas, we’ll help you evaluate your risk for back pain, the most common neurological disorder second only to headaches.

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As the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S., lung cancer is typically not diagnosed until it has reached an advanced stage, making assessments all the more important.

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Every man over age 45 is at risk for prostate cancer, which dramatically increases with age. Don't wait until it's too late!

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COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. and is projected to be the third leading cause of death for both males and females by the year 2020. It is estimated that 16 million Americans are currently diagnosed with COPD and that there are as many as 14 million more that have yet to be diagnosed.

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