Hammond-Henry Hospital

Rehab Department

Tudi Edwards Rehab Center for Excellence

The goal of our rehabilitation programs is to assist patients in achieving their optimal level of function. The individualized assessment, and treatment model creates and environment where a variety of interventions can be utilized in obtaining desired outcomes. Some of the interventions delivered by the highly skilled therapists range from balance training, strength training, activities of daily living retraining, home assessments, gait retraining, functional mobility retraining to low vision retraining and retraining of swallowing function. The new center features private treatment rooms, men's and women's health room, a kitchen, a therapy gym, an outdoor treatment terrace and aquatic rehab center. Our beautiful new center was made possible in part by the generous gift of John F. Edwards in memory of his late wife Tudi.

 Hammond-Henry Hospital Rehabilitation Services
600 North College Avenue
Geneseo, IL 61254
(309) 944-9150