Hammond-Henry Hospital

Post Therapy Fitness

Post Therapy Fitness is an exercise program designed for patients who have completed their rehabilitation. Your physical and occupational therapist along with an exercise specialist will design an exercise program to fit your specific needs. Your exercise program will be implemented and monitored by an exercise specialist.


Appointments for post therapy fitness are scheduled by calling the rehab office at 944-9150. Appointments are 1/2 hour in duration.


Option 1 - $15.00
This fee includes one-on-one training with an exercise specialist. Your specific program will be designed by your therapist and an exercise specialist. Individual attention is the main focus to assure your exercise program is performed safely and efficiently.

Option 2 - $5.00
This fee includes performing your exercise program independently. An exercise specialist will be available to assist in all your needs. Our therapist’s are available for consultation throughout your post therapy fitness experience

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