Hammond-Henry Hospital

Questions and Answers

Long-term Care Center

The new long-term care building will provide needed skilled and intermediate levels of care to seniors in our community. The new facility will provide a comfortable, home-like environment for seniors to recover during short-term stays or spend their remaining years. The new facility will include 18 private and 10 semi-private rooms, several comfortable sitting and family areas, a bariatric room, a special care room and a convenient rehab area. The facility will incorporate outdoor living space and gardens to enhance the peaceful, home-like atmosphere of the facility. Combining the new environment with already excellent services will provide a “Center of Excellence” for senior care in the community.

New Eastside Entryway and Lobby

The new entrance will provide convenient patient access to some medical specialty physicians, dialysis and the second floor rehab center. This area also provides easy navigation and is open to the courtyard. This area includes multiple conference rooms located adjacent to the entry, providing easy access to the public for educational opportunities, support groups and other community meetings. Internally, these rooms will be used by the governing boards, medical staff and committees. A folding wall will maximize the use of the space.

Second Floor Walkway

The walkway will connect the two areas of the hospital and be integral to increasing patient dignity, confidentiality and comfort. This area will be designed as a showcase for local artwork to make the hospital more home like and patient-friendly.


This area will provide green space, gardens and outside dining. It is conveniently located off the eastside entry.

Aquatic Rehabilitation Center

Construction of an aquatic center would provide treatment options not currently available at Hammond-Henry Hospital. Aquatic Rehabilitation will be utilized to accelerate surgical recoveries, provide relief from chronic disease and pain, increase conditioning, strength and range of motion as well as providing core strengthening. Water is a gentle way to exercise by supporting the joints, lessening the stress, and encouraging free movement. Warm water lowers pain, relaxes muscles, and decreases patient stiffness. Water is 600-700 times more resistant than air, helping to build muscle strength and improve endurance as you move. Our Aquatics Center will offer therapy services for all ages and needs in our community.

Rehab Center of Excellence - (Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, Occupational, Physical & Speech Services)

Construction of a “Center of Excellence” for all rehab services will give Hammond-Henry the ability to expand our services in variety of areas which will include pediatric care, neuro rehabilitation, cognitive rehabilitation, low vision rehabilitation, balance retraining, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, men’s and women’s health, and senior care. We will continue to provide quality Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II and Phase III programs as well as Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Elevating the level of care, promoting patients’ return to the highest level of independence and function possible. Providing a combination of private treatment rooms and efficient gym space with significantly enhance the atmosphere of recovery and wellness.

Women’s Health Services - (Bone Densitometry & Mammography)

Benefits for women will be enhanced with a consolidated area for diagnostic services such as bone densitometry, ultrasound, and digital mammography. In addition, a private treatment room for therapeutic management of incontinence, lymphedema, and post-mastectomy rehabilitation will provide privacy with individualized treatment programs and a private, walk-through restroom.

Diagnostic Center

This newly renovated area will be centrally located near admitting with one waiting area to service all your diagnostic needs including, cardiopulmonary, laboratory, and imaging such as digital mammography, bone densitometry, ultrasound, stress testing, and echocardiography in addition to general imaging.

Operating Room / Peripheral Vascular Lab

The addition of a third operating room will allow for more flexibility to surgeons who schedule multiple procedures. Because of the high demand for our current operating rooms, there is often a waiting time for operating rooms to be “turned over”. The new operating room will allow the hospital to offer peripheral vascular procedures.

Community Dining Area

This new dining room will provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for both visitors and staff, opening into a courtyard that will accommodate seasonal outdoor dining. The cafeteria will allow faster service with different areas for different preferences.


The clinical pharmacy was relocated in 2002 from the front of the hospital to the 1953 building. This department will once again move to the new service building south of the central plant. Its location on the main corridor will provide easy access for patients needing consultation and health professionals.

Sleep Lab

This two-bedroom department will be located in the totally-renovated long-term care building. This state-of-the-art laboratory will be accessible, yet off the busy corridors to allow for a full night’s sleep. Private bathrooms and showers will accommodate busy schedules so patients can hit the ground running in the morning.

Pain / Wound Clinic

The new pain/wound clinic will be located in the north side of the renovated skilled nursing unit. A comfortable waiting room will be adjacent to the new dining room. Exam rooms will join consultation rooms for care providers to provide not only the latest in interventions but education and consulting on dealing with chronic pain. Specially trained staff and physicians will offer evidence-based care for wound care treatment and the provision of pain relief treatments.

Gift Shop

Hammond-Henrys’ Auxiliary has operated a gift shop within the hospital for over 35 years. With the completion of this project, the gift shop will relocate to the south near the new entrance and be in close proximity to the dining room for convenience to patients and visitors. The gift shop will also feature a coffee bar.

Chapel / Meditation Area

With the relocation of inpatients to a new floor in 2005, the chapel did not relocate, and due to its location is seldom used. The new meditation room will be situated on the main hallway and will be more visible and accessible to visitors.

Home Health

While the services of this department are provided in homes, space is necessary for inquiries, referrals, staff documentation, care meetings, supplies and equipment. With new offices on the main hallway, access by families, physicians and case workers will be enhanced.


Part of the existing lab will become part of the new diagnostic center. With the relocation of the physical therapy gymnasium, the laboratory will utilize some of that space for its services. The greatest features in this department will be greater privacy and a more comfortable waiting area for patients.

Dialysis Area

Quad City Kidney Center (QCKC) has been providing services within Hammond-Henry Hospital for over ten years. QCKC is renovating and relocating to the south half of the existing skilled-care floor. This new facility will nearly double the existing space and provide abundant natural light for dialysis patients. Easy access will be provided through the new east entrance.