Hammond-Henry Hospital

Nursing Philosophy

In addition to being committed to our Mission, Vision, and Values, our nurses believe:

  • Excellence in nursing practice is achieved through shared governance and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Nurses embrace a work climate that nurtures & supports clinical expertise and critical thinking through education, evidence-based practice, and state-of-the art technology
  • Retention and recruitment of highly qualified staff who demonstrate professional integrity and competence will advance the practice of nursing and the quality of care provided to our patients
  • Patients have the right to holistic, respectful, knowledgeable, safe, and therapeutic nursing care rendered in a healing, compassionate, and culturally sensitive environment that effectively utilizes available resources
  • Nurses promote interdisciplinary collaboration by utilizing the art and science of nursing to advocate for patients and families
  • Nurses are committed to an empowered environment which promotes creative innovations, professional accountability, and professional growth
  • Nurses focus on assisting the patient throughout the continuum of care to achieve maximum wellness, or, when this is not possible, a peaceful and dignified death
  • Nurses are legally and ethically accountable to patients, families,  the community, and the profession of nursing for the quality of care provided
  • Nurses provide education that empowers patients, family, and staff to make informed decisions about health care
  • Nurses are committed to creating an environment of mutual respect and caring for one another